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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer might be simple or technical. Everything from the campaign structure to the keywords and ads that you are running, as well as the landing page, needs to be reviewed for strategy and congruence.

There are ways to get leads from Facebook organically and with paid ads. But results can vary greatly depending on the strategy you are running. You’ll receive both organic and paid strategy on social media to generate more leads at a cheaper cost per lead based on what you are doing on your campaign and without the campaign.

  1. Websites rank on the first page of Google due to dozens of different attributes. Some websites have very little content but ranked High while other websites with a lot of content struggle to rank. It’s a mixture between what you are doing on the website and off the website. An SEO Advertising Report Card will reveal the strength of your on-site and off-site SEO and a plan of action to increase both.

More than 90% of the time, businesses have less than a 50% accuracy rating on their listings online. If their listings are correct, chances are they don’t have as many listings as they should. There are several dozen websites people use to find businesses and it’s important to be represented accurately and professionally on each one. Our Business Listings Advertising Report Card will gather every website your business listing should be on and its grade of accuracy.

LinkedIn is the number one B2B marketing website online in 2020. If you are doing B2B sales, it’s crucial to have a strong LinkedIn strategy. As time goes on, LinkedIn communication will become a mandatory part of every Salesforce. We will provide an overview of your LinkedIn profile as well as your connection rate and provide strategy and guidance in order to increase the leads you get from LinkedIn.

When using ad agencies, it’s very important to have full transparency. If you do not know exactly what is going on with your ad campaign, let us take a look. We’ll give you the full rundown on how it’s built, what you can expect from it, and what you COULD get for the budget that you have.

You do not need an ad agency in order to get your advertising campaigns looked at. We are happy to help small business owners who advertise for themselves directly. Our actionable advice from the reports is easy to follow and guidance can be provided when requested. If the guidance provided is to work intensively, we can provide the work as well as a service.

If you are an ad agency needing a full account load of campaigns reviewed, or a business owner working with an ad Agency on several or more campaigns, fill out a form and we’ll reach out to discuss a custom pricing solution that best fits your need and budget. We enjoy working with marketing managers and business owners alike in order to help as much as possible. The more campaigns you have, the more help we can provide.

While the cost of getting an Advertising Report Card is relatively low in comparison to the cost of paying an agency to advertise, or the ad budget spent to run ads, the return on investment is unlimited. If you ask any Advertiser or Business Owner if they could have doubled their conversion rate a year ago, and how much they would pay for that, they would say “priceless”. Making tweaks to improve campaigns can more than double revenue and can also lower the cost per lead and lower cost per sale. Oftentimes, there are three to four things that you can do on any campaign to dramatically improve its performance. Waiting to make these improvements, or not making these improvements at all, can lead to a long-term negative result and lost opportunities.

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